Manuscript Instructions and Registration Details

You are requested to follow the instructions meticulously in preparing the paper for the manuscript:

1.The Camera Ready Copy (CRC) should be strictly according to LATEX/ MSWORD style format available on the conference website, also the same is herewith attached to this mail. The Authors are encouraged to use LATEX.

2. The manuscript should not exceed 2 pages in total.

3.The submission of Camera Ready Copy and Registration is on or before 7th November 2018 before 5:00 pm Hard Deadline. Do not wait for the last day/week, complete the registration process as soon as possible.

4.The registration details are as shown in the table and the payment option is wired transfer only. Registration Fee includes Author’s Kit (Bag), Softcopy of Proceedings provided by the

IEEE, Lunch, Tea, Coffee, Banquet dinner and High Tea.





IEEE Members




Indian Authors (INR)




















Foreign Authors (USD)












Paper Presentation (INR)












The bank details are






Bank Name



Canara Bank, Town Hall Branch,





No. 51, Stock Exchange Building,





Bangalore - 560027


Beneficiary Account Name


CPCT, Bangalore, India.


Account Number









5.Submit the following documents in a zip folder with “paper ID_track” as its name on or before 7th November, 2018 before 5:00 PM through email to the ID

i.Scanned copy of the proof of payment.

ii.Complete source file (.tex, .pdf, .eps, .doc, .docx, .cls, .sty,.bib ).

iii.Signed and scanned copy of the copyright form.

iv.Final CRC of the manuscript.

v. A readme file giving the name, affiliation and email address of only the corresponding author.

6.It is mandatory for the authors to present their poster at the conference location; without presentation the accepted paper will not be published in the conference proceedings and on the Web portal of IEEE Xplore. The conference kit, certificate or proceedings will not be provided.

7.Paper should be according to the specified format, else will not be published online or in the proceedings.

8.We are looking forward for your participation at the conference. If you are not the author presenting the paper, please forward this message to your co-author who will give the presentation.

Authors are requested to include the following sections to improve the paper:

1.Author: Name without designation, only one corresponding email ID and address.

2.Keywords: Arrange five keywords in alphabetical order.



5.Organization of the paper

6.Related Works

7.Background Work

8.System Model

9.Mathematical Model

10.Algorithms in appropriate format


12.Performance Analysis

13.Conclusions, and

14.Bibliography (strictly in IEEE format)

Please ensure the following without fail while formatting the paper:

1.The paper should be strictly in LATEX/MSWORD format (Use the template enclosed in the mail).

2.Please go through Authors Do’s and Don’ts given in a separate file (Enclosed).

3.Perform spell and grammar check on the contents of the paper thoroughly.

4.Complete source file (.tex, .cls, .eps, .jpg, .doc, docx, .sty,.bib, readme) has to be submitted.

5.Do not include the designation of the authors.

6.Do not use prefix like Dr., Sri., Smt., Prof.

7.Only one email ID of the corresponding author should be provided.

8.Only 5 keywords should be listed in alphabetical order.

9.Do not alter the formatting and style layouts which have been setup in the template document.

10.Papers should be prepared in double column.

11.Cross reference of the citation should be in ascending order in the text.

12.Diagrams, Figures, Graphs and Tables should be drawn legibly, clearly labelled and size should be such that it is visible.

13.Ensure that all the figures are of 300DPI resolutions. Figures legend should be placed below the figure as Fig. 1.(a).

14.All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Headings to be placed above Tables, left justified. Only one horizontal line should be used within a Table.

15.All equations and formulae should be typed in Math type and numbered consequently with Arabic numerals in parenthesis on the right hand side.

16.The bibliography references should be in ascending order and check the references thoroughly. The reference papers should be cited in the paper. It should have a minimum of four components (Author, Title, Publisher and Year).

17.Copyright form to be duly signed and submitted.

18.Use plagiarism tools to eliminate duplication.

Note: Authors are solely responsible for any plagiarism issues. Authors are requested to submit the paper along with similarity index report generated by Turnitin or iThenticate software.

Similarity index of the paper including bibliography shall be less than 15%.

Please title your zip file with the “paper ID_poster” and submit it to the publication chair through email to the ID

Please feel free to contact the Publication Chair in case of any problems with CRC submission and Formatting.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Venugopal K R

Publication Chair, ICInPro-2018